Of course it can be said that Ebert Construction is among the most prominent general contractors in Minnesota. However, describing them that way shortchanges the range of services they provide. Of course they can build the structure you want, using their amazing construction management services, but they also provide some of the best real estate services anywhere, so they can even help you sell the property, or negotiate lease and acquisition terms, if that is the way you want to go. They are also capable of assisting clients in calculating space requirements and evaluating potential alternatives.

Since they began operation in 1968, Ebert Construction has come to be known as a family-owned business that believes in taking a team approach to their work. That means they can and will help with every aspect of the development, construction or renovation of your properties and facilities. They can even perform financial modeling and conduct thorough market research, leading the client to the property that is best for them and they can then help develop the property in a way that makes any business better. Not only does Ebert Construction construct buildings, they also help build their client’s business. They have changed the definition of “full-service contractor.”