More Businesses Are Letting Ebert Construction Do It All

To call Ebert Construction a full service construction company is just not sufficient for describing what they do. In addition to building and construction services, they also offer construction management services and real estate services as well. The range of services they make available to clients provides them with the ability to assist with virtually any aspect of the commercial construction process. Their general brokerage services help to market the properties they build for sale and lease, but they are also capable of doing a complete analysis of market opportunities to get the best deal in the first place.

Also, Ebert Construction can perform financial modeling and conduct thorough market research, so they they can develop the property for its fullest potential. The fact is, this contractor is among the best general contractors in Minnesota, but they can do so much more than just put up the building. They offer construction management services as well as real estate services and they also provide tenant representation services and they can assist clients with calculating space requirements and evaluating potential alternatives to building. They also can negotiate lease and acquisition terms, prepare any relevant documents, and they can even work out the details and even carry out the move from your old facilities to the new ones they helped you acquire.

Whatever You Need Ebert Construction Can Help

Of course it can be said that Ebert Construction is among the most prominent general contractors in Minnesota. However, describing them that way shortchanges the range of services they provide. Of course they can build the structure you want, using their amazing construction management services, but they also provide some of the best real estate services anywhere, so they can even help you sell the property, or negotiate lease and acquisition terms, if that is the way you want to go. They are also capable of assisting clients in calculating space requirements and evaluating potential alternatives.

Since they began operation in 1968, Ebert Construction has come to be known as a family-owned business that believes in taking a team approach to their work. That means they can and will help with every aspect of the development, construction or renovation of your properties and facilities. They can even perform financial modeling and conduct thorough market research, leading the client to the property that is best for them and they can then help develop the property in a way that makes any business better. Not only does Ebert Construction construct buildings, they also help build their client’s business. They have changed the definition of “full-service contractor.”

Property Development and Planning Services from Ebert Construction

At Ebert Construction, they are prepared to do so much more than simply construction for their clients. One of the brokerage services that Ebert Construction offers is property development. They have had great success for their clients utilizing a team approach in order to help you with the development, construction or renovation of your current properties and facilities. They are also more than happy to assist with estimating, budgeting, feasibility, scheduling, project management, general contracting, and value engineering. All of their brokerage services and construction management specialists can contribute significantly to your tenant representation assignments by addressing a range of issues related to the build out of your facilities due to their experience and skills. Ebert Construction can more than meet your brokerage services needs, they can exceed them.

Ebert Construction is a company that is also considered experts in strategic planning services as well. They can help you to develop effective long-range strategies for your real estate activities and identify significant real estate opportunities utilizing their experience and knowledge. They can also help you to analyze and integrate strategic initiatives that align with your unique business and financial objectives. These are just a few of the ways that Ebert Construction has set themselves apart from their competitors. They understand the ins and outs of both construction as well as the services around construction. Become a client of theirs and let them uncomplicate construction and construction services.

Ebert Construction – Committed to Quality

Finding a company that is committed to quality can be a challenge in the construction field. Family owned and operated for three generations, Ebert Construction is committed to providing their customers with quality craftsmanship and excellent services. Their team of experts strive to provide quality work that their customers can be proud of. From project conception to final completion, Ebert Construction works tirelessly to complete their projects to the level of excellence that they are committed to.

The three keys to success for Ebert Construction are quality, service and satisfaction. These are the three outcomes that you can always expect to receive when you do business with Ebert Construction. They are a one-stop source for commercial general contracting, construction management, and real estate services. Commercial general contracting and construction management are the cornerstones of their business. Bring your construction visions to a reality by partnering with their expert teams.

Their Vice President of Real Estate & Development, Greg Hayes, comments that Ebert Construction is more than a commercial general contracting and construction company, Ebert Construction offers you, the customer, a wide range of commercial real estate services. Because of the many services they offer, they have developed a one-stop commercial property, contracting and construction shop mentality and spirit. Let them show you their commitment to quality through their work and work ethic. They are eager to help bring your next project to fruition.